Cryo Chamber Equipment Distributor

New Gen Cryo is a Juka Cryo Chamber Equipment Distributor located in the USA. The Multi-Person Chamber is suited for group systemic cryogenic therapy. The cryo chamber is a unit composed of two separate rooms- the preliminary chamber and the main chamber. The temperature may be set ranging from -40°C to -60°C in the preliminary chamber and from -100°C to -160°C in the main chamber. The time of the procedure is set and controlled by the personnel and can be up to 4 minutes in total. Both, treatment temperatures and time may be selected and planned individually for each and every session. Induced circulation on “cold” enables an even spread of temperature throughout the rooms. Furthermore, the lack of roof eliminates the problem of heat produced by patients which accumulate under the ceiling. In chambers equipped with roofs; the accumulated heat has a negative effect on the distribution of temperature within the chambers.
During the treatment, clients wear minimal protective clothing: clogs, socks, gloves, headband/hat, cotton underwear, and a disposable face mask.

Cryo Chamber Equipment Distributor


  • Temperature range- -190F to -260F
  • Treatment time- Combination of 4 minutes total. One minute in the preliminary chamber. Up to 3 minutes in the Main chamber.
  • Control Panel: LCD Touch Screen.
  • Customizable Finish Options. All chambers are custom built by hand.
  • No contact with Liquid nitrogen inside chamber. Breathable air at all times!
  • New features- music connection, speaker, and remote diagnosis via apps.

Technical Data

  • 2-3 Person chamber available- dimensions- 9’10”W x 15’D x 9’H.
  • 4-5 Person chamber available- dimensions- 12’5”W x 17’D x 9’H.
  • Cryogenic gas: Liquid Nitrogen.
  • A/C Power: 230V, single phase.
  • 2-3 person Cryo chamber should be placed in a separate room, which should not be smaller than LxBxH= 14x12x9
  • It is required to have efficient mechanical ventilation with no less than 6 room volume air changes per hour.
  • It is also suggested not to place a Cryo chamber close to a swimming pool or any other equipment which would increase humidity.
  • There should be a non-slippery floor cover where the chamber is placed